About Us

1) Hana Jamaluddin:

Hi my name is Hana Jamaluddin. My daughter Aisha and I live in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

We come from a very close – knit family and have been blessed with their love and support every single day. Aisha is a confident 13 year – old middle school student with Down syndrome.

She loves music, dancing and traveling. It was during a trip to the US that her uncle discovered WRTS; a gym for ALL children; a safe place for children with different abilities to play, learn, develop and grow.

Wow! We are so proud to have the opportunity to bring this amazing franchise to our country and to share this awesome inclusive gym with all the kids at home.

2) Nori Abdullah:

My name is Nori Abdullah and I’m a working woman, cultural warrior and proud mother of three boys. I often joke that they’re my ‘creatures’, but really the oldest is an angel, number two is a blessing and the third is a gift. My second boy, Timor, is also autistic.

It was because of him we hunted for good activity places while in Los Angeles in 2015 and Timor’s Papa came across We Rock The Spectrum gym. All five of us went and had a great time – the rest as they say is history. I come from a family that believes you can make good things you want to see inthe world, if you’re looking and don’t find them. In Malaysia, while there are places that many children can go to, there was nothing quite like WRTS in terms of purposefully supporting kids with differences that at the same time was set up for all sorts of kids. At WRTS, I want people to remember that therapy can be fun and that there is a safe space for kids to do it without having to rely on therapists.

It’s both comforting and empowering to know there’s an easy place to take your special child to, that’s actually good for him or her, and they don’t have to be apart from their more typical siblings, cousins or friends.

I’m so grateful that my family members understand our excitement over such a gym, how it can make a positive impact in our country and jumped on board without hesitation. Our whole family is looking forward to having WRTS in our corner of the world and hope it can benefit all children, in fact anyone who walks through our doors.

3) Rahmah Mahmood

Hello! My name is Rahmah Mahmood and I have the privilege of introducing myself as one of the owners of We Rock the Spectrum Malaysia.

In 2014, a dear helper of mine gave birth to a baby girl diagnosed with Down syndrome. Within several months, I began to notice the overwhelming financial and emotional strain that began to impact her. As a middle – income family, their accessibility to treatment was delayed and viable alternatives costly. Sharing the experience of parenthood, I understood her anxiety and was profoundly moved by the predicaments she faced.

On a brief trip to the US in 2015, my niece’s family had come into contact with We Rock the Spectrum. Upon their return to Malaysia, news of their exciting discovery was quickly shared. Needless to say, many were moved by the WRTS concept and even more felt that Malaysians could benefit tremendously from its services. At this moment, I knew that I had to get involved! I immediately contacted one of my sons living in Berkeley to visit one of the local WRTS gyms.

As a student who grew up in Malaysia with academic and processing differences, he expressed great enthusiasm and connection to the WRTS philosophy. Upon receiving his feedback, I made a trip to meet the owner of We Rock The Spectrum in Tarzana California and the rest is history! Despite having hundreds of applications from all over the world, Dina graced our team with the ability to become the first international branch. As mothers, we both connected seamlessly through our passion for parenthood and raising children.

We are truly proud to have pioneered and introduced the first children’s sensory gym to Malaysia. With its conception, parents to all children will have the ability to receive additional, cost efficient and effective support. Someday soon, aparent of a special needs child in Malaysia might wake up to the thought, “Thank you We Rock The Spectrum!!!” What a gratifying moment that would be!

Our Gym Includes:

  • Suspended equipment with swings – for balance and vestibular treatment
  • Crash mats and crash pillows – for fun, motor planning, and strength
  • Zip line – for stress release and joint and body relaxation
  • Trampoline – for building leg and core strength
  • Indoor play structure – for climbing and increasing playground skills
  • Sensory-based toys – for improved auditory processing and fine motor skills
  • Fine Motor and Arts and Crafts Area – for improved hand-eye coordination